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Retro Arcade in Warrington? No? Then you are missing out. This gem of a place hidden away is packed full of retro arcade machines mixed in with some more modern games all under the same roof. Here’s how they describe themselves:

Born from a love of gaming and the 80s, Retro Arcade Warrington was designed to bring back that nostalgic feeling of the arcades of our childhood, with a modern twist. We’ve done away with the coin-operated model in favour of an “all-you-can-eat” free-play approach.

Simply pay one price at the reception and stay and play for as long as you like; all day if you wish! We first opened our doors in April 2019 and we have had so much fun since. Retro’s owners and staff truly love each and every cabinet as much as you do. Retro Arcade Warrington contains over 50 games including absolute classics such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Tron, as well as some slightly newer favourites like Crazy Taxi, Outrun 2, Guitar Hero Arcade, and much much more. We have 3 original consoles (NES, Sega Mega Drive II, PSOne) and 4 pinball tables. We have a fully licensed bar, snacks and hot food (our 8oz steak burgers are AWESOME!) and we’re a perfect place to come and play on your own, with your friends, or even with your children. We’re positive there’s something at Retro for everyone!

Check their Facebook page out at https://www.facebook.com/retrowarrington/

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