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It’s Point Blank from Namco!

Namco’s two-player shooting game Point Blank, released in 1994 under the title Gun Bullet in Japan, is a light gun arcade game that features a variety of missions and levels catering to all ages with mascots Dr Dan and Dr Don making an appearance throughout the stages.

Point Blank’s levels will test your hand-eye co-ordination, accuracy, speed and judgement as you shoot a variety of targets on-screen from parachuting targets to cuckoos in a farmhouse, carefully avoiding firing at the bombs placed alongside to trick and distract the player.

The game is split into a 4 stage Training Stage, Beginner 16 stage and Expert 16 Stage with each player starting with a number of lives. 4 stages are then picked at random before the player can choose in which order they’d prefer to play them. From shooting cardboard criminals and avoiding harming their hostages in a hotel hallway to firing at a solitary falling leaf, the game has levels that will excite and challenge players, urging them to beat the clock and score as highly as possible. After each stage is complete, a breakdown of accuracy and speed is presented along with your score and the current high score.

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