New in stock, it’s Terminator Salvation!

Now this machine is INCREDIBLE! There aren’t many two player shooters as impressive as this, it’s such a great game and the cab looks amazing.

Terminator Salvation was one of 2010’s greatest arcade hits. Based on the film of the same name, it sees you taking the role of John Connor in Los Angeles, grabbing your gun and going head-to-head with brutal cyborgs sent from the future by Skynet.
There are two missions to play through, with four chapters in each. Mission one sends you into Skynet’s lair to find and destroy its secret lab, where dreadful human experiments are carried out. In the second mission, you must escort refugees to safety before destroying Skynet entirely.

Equipped With Recoiling M4A1 Light GunsThe arcade machine is equipped with a 42-inch LCD screen and an amplified sound system. It’s also equipped with a pair of M4A1 light guns. Players reload by pressing the bottom of the magazine, and launch grenades with the side-mounted button.

Weapons in the game include machine guns, shotguns, miniguns and grenades, as well as vehicle-mounted weapons on pickup trucks and helicopters. You’ll need them all to defeat the waves of T-600s, T7-Ts and more.

Key Features

Based on the Terminator Salvation movie of 2009

For one or two players

Two missions with four chapters in each

M4A1 guns with reload & grenade buttons

Battle T-600s, T7-Ts, Aerostats, Moto-Terminators & more

An arsenal of weapons including shotguns, machine guns, grenades & miniguns

Check out a video and more photos HERE

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