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New in Stock at Play Leisure, it’s Namco’s Motocross Go!

If you like racing then this is the arcade machine for you! It looks FANTASTIC and the game is great fun.

Motocross Go! is an arcade racing game based upon the extreme sport of “Ironman” motocross racing. Except in this version of the sport, you never had to eat dirt!
As with many motorcycle games, players lean the bike left and right for turning. In Motocross Go!, players can also turn the handlebars left and right for finer control. The combination of these two controls permits players to lean into a turn and counter-steer on the way out of it, producing a drifting effect.

Namco’s Motocross Go! Features:

– Exclusive to arcades

– Never received a home release.
– Intense dirt-bike racing in 3D over three courses (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced)
– Swivel bike controller PLUS moveable handlebars
– 27″ CRT monitor

Check out more photos and a video of this game HERE

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