New in stock this week, Big Buck Hunter Pro…

It’s Big Buck Hunter! We love this game, it’s one of our best sellers and it’s so much fun.

Two-player Big Buck Hunter Pro is a new species of hunting game that puts sharp shooters’ accuracy, speed and wit to the most demanding test!

Over 25 photorealistic environments, using enhanced high definition flat screen monitors, eye-twitching animation and ear-pricking sound, players attempt to track and kill herds of wildlife including mountain lions, whitetail deer, moose and elks, raccoons, skunks, foxes and wolves.

Big Buck Hunter Pro features an all-new two-player, head-to-head element, ‘Shootout’, while 15 exciting new bonus rounds include the likes of ‘Pappy’s Moonshine Bonus’ and ‘Boars Gone Wild’.

Check out more photos and a video HERE

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