Have you visited Level Up in Limerick?

OK, most of our customers are in England but if you happen to find yourself popping over to Ireland for a break then you’ve got to make time to visit Level Up in Limerick, it’s a STUNNING Arcade Bar packed full of some classic retro games mixed in with some very cool Japanese rhythm games. Not only that, they have TWO bars serving a range of drinks and incredible cocktails, and their kitchen produces a tasty menu of food and snacks.

Here’s how they describe themselves:

‘An Arcade Experience Ranging From 1970s to present day. An exciting experience like none other with a vast amount of machines from arcade classics to modern day. We have something for everyone and cater for all sorts, whether you’re a Student, looking to host a Corporate Event, a Retro-Lover or just a Casual-Gamer.’

Find out more on their Facebook Page HERE

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