New in stock, it’s Temple Run!

Many of you will know the mobile phone version of Temple Run, it’s a classic. Did you know that there was an Arcade version? Yep, here it is…

Is an officially licensed  port one of the most popular smart phone/mobile gaming apps released to date, Temple Run by Coastal Amusements brings the non-stop action that launched a whole genre into the arcade!

The appeal of the arcade version of Temple Run goes beyond what the mobile version could do, featuring a trackball controller to mimic the swiping manuvers needed and providing a more realistic feedback device to players. The graphics have also been improved, really giving some pop on the 32″ screen and themed cabinet. Take up the role as adventurer Guy Dangerous as you race through the ruins with monkeys always on your tail. 

– Based on the mobile app of the same name that has been downloaded over 100 million times
– Officially licensed from Imangi Studios
– The ‘Endless Runner’ style gameplay is instantly familiar to millions of game players
– Backlit translucent trackball controller provides more satisfying control than a touchscreen
– Spectacular themed cabinet features ancient ruins artwork and LED backlit translucent fixtures
– The fast moving 3D graphics are displayed on a vertically mounted 32″ HD screen

Check out more photos and a video HERE

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