Doh! It’s The Simpsons…

Nearly everybody loves (or loved until it went a a bit ‘down hill’) The Simpsons and the Arcade version is epic. Here we have a version of it in a two player cab. Still has all the excitement the game brings and it’s a good size for people with limited space.

The game itself is packed full of recognisable characters. While walking through downtown Springfield, the Simpsons collide with Smithers, who has just stolen a large diamond from a jewellery shop for Mr. Burns. The diamond goes flying and lands in Maggie’s mouth, and she begins sucking on it like a pacifier as Smithers kidnaps her. The rest of the Simpsons give chase across the city, fighting off hordes of enemies hired by Mr. Burns in order to reach the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. The pursuit covers eight stages, each of which ends with a fight against a strong boss character. In the final stage, the Simpsons must defeat first Smithers and then Mr. Burns, who uses a mobile battle suit equipped with a variety of weapons. Once Mr. Burns is defeated, Maggie puts her pacifier in his mouth and the Simpsons take her home, with Homer throwing the diamond away.

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