‘Luke, I am your Father’…. Star Wars Trilogy is now available at Play Leisure…

OK, that line doesn’t feature in this game but it’s still an awesome arcade machine. There are a few classic Star Wars arcade games out there and the stand up version of Star Wars Trilogy is certainly one of them.

This arcade machine was first released in 1998, a 3-D rail shooter based on the original trilogy of Star Wars films, released alongside the special editions of these films.Gameplay involves the player moving a crosshair around the screen using a joystick and pressing the fire button on top of the joystick to shoot. A “special event” button lights at certain points of the game and when pressed, triggers an event to happen onscreen. The game puts the player in several key battles of the Star Wars films with one mission for each original Star Wars film.

The game combines flight in several different vehicle types, first-person shooting, and a unique lightsaber mode. It uses several pieces of the original film scores, with some dialogue from the films, but most of it is re-recorded with impersonations of the original voices.

Check out more details including a video and photos of this game HERE!

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