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The first of our new Pins, it’s ‘Spring Break’…

We love pins at Play Leisure, the only downside with them is that they sell so quickly we barely get time to play them! Here’s a new arrival, Spring Break from Gottlieb!

Themed around the Florida holiday culture of the mid eighties, Spring Break was not initially well received by some players and operators. Management took the decision to make the game a multiball-fest. At the start of each ball the game immediately went into multiball, and no manual ball shooter was provided. After receiving negative comments about this feature, Premier Technology eventually released a code update that gave operators the choice between instant multiball play or single ball play with multiball having to be earned as a skill feature. Fortunately the playfield was suited to the single ball approach. Unfortunately not all machines received the code update, and as a result the game’s reputation has continued to be tarnished by the instant multiball feature.

The machine for sale here is running the updated code, and you are able to choose how the game plays at the flick of a switch. I have it set on single ball play, and this transforms the playing experience in a way that I find far more challenging and enjoyable. The game features various playfield areas, several sets of drop targets and up to four ball multiball. There are four flippers and a single ramp. The ball is served into play by pressing the right flipper button and the gameplay consists of several objectives including lighting “vacation” by completing drop target banks, and trying to get all four balls onto the playfield at once by completing the 1,2,3 spot targets to light various lanes on the playfield to add a ball into play. There is also a playfield multiplier on the playfield back board, which enables you to track and build towards 5X playfield scoring.

Check out more photos and a video HERE!

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