Like a Loud Pin? Then this is the one for you…

Viper Night Drivin from Sega! Oh yes, what a pin. Stunning design, incredible sound and luminous balls! What more could you want?

In 1998, Sega Pinball, Inc manufactured and released the Viper Night Drivin pinball machine for purchase! The theme of this game is night-driving and includes a number of interesting and unusual features, including custom speech from Matthew “Mancow” Muller, a popular morning radio and TV personality in the United States.

The Viper Night Drivin pinball machine includes a dynamic soundtrack by SLASH, a musician formerly with Guns N’ Roses. This pinball machine is also, according the the game’s flyer, the only one in the world with Blacklight and Glo-ball action.

Check out more photos and a video HERE…

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