It’s the CLASSIC Sega Turbo Outrun! Oh wow, this is a beauty…

Stunning, beautiful, can go all night…. No, not your partner, we are talking about Sega’s Turbo Outrun! This is one of the all time classic arcade games and the cab itself is fantastic. This arrived at Play and is now available to buy.

Turbo OutRun is a 1989 arcade racing game released by Sega. A follow-up to 1986’s Out Run, it was released as a dedicated game, as well as an upgrade kit for the original Out Run board.

Like its predecessor, Turbo OutRun has players driving a Ferrari, this time a Ferrari F40. Players now traverse a set route across the entire continental United States from New York City to Los Angeles instead of the branching paths of the first game. In addition to a time limit, Turbo OutRun also adds a computer-controlled opponent driving a Porsche 959. The “Turbo” in the title also plays a factor as players can now press a button to receive a brief turbo boost of speed. Various power-ups which increase the vehicle’s attributes can now be chosen at various stages of the game.

In Turbo Outrun the player controls a male driver sitting alongside his girlfriend in a Ferrari F40, racing against the clock and a computer-controlled opponent in a silver Porsche 959 in a race across the United States. The goal is to reach Los Angeles from the starting point of New York City. Unlike the original Out Run, there are no branch roads to choose from. Instead, there is only one path that can be taken to reach the goal.

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