We LOVE the 90s, and this was one of the best things about them…

Yep, it’s the 1991 release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pin from Data East! Stunning pin, very fun. Now available at Play Leisure. Click HERE for more photos and a video.

Released in 1991 by Data East, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a hot pinball based on the original comics and blockbuster cartoon.

Now you can put the power of Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and  Michelangelo in your own games room!

From the innovative dot-matrix display, to the industry’s first disappearing, underground pinball shot, and a radical spinning pizza, Data East set a standard in game innovation and pinball thrills.

Turtle-ly Awesome Action Means Bodacious Play!

Bronco-Bustin’ Turtle – hold on to your hats as Raphael climbs atop the jumping, thumping, pumping Bronco Bumper for the ride of his life!
Beat the Clock and 10 Million Points are yours… – Master the million-point Twin Skill Shot ramps before the time runs out and it’s back to the sewer system for a cool TEN mil!
Double Pinball Excitement – Rack up major points on the Twin Skill Shot Ramps – each worth a whopping 250,000 points times the number of the ball in play!
Under-Cover Turtles – Game action goes subterranean as you watch your pinballs disappear into the Underground Sewer System – only to have them wind their way under the playfield and come screeching out of the Pop-Up Manhole Cover!
Round N’ Round She Goes – Hop aboard the Turtles Spinning Pizza as it whirls out of control and takes the pinballs for a ride, where she stops, nobody knows!

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