It’s a Pinball Emergency… It’s Rescue 911!

It’s a Pinball Emergency… It’s Rescue 911!

We LOVE this pin. Not only does it have one of the coolist moves we’ve seen (The Helicopter), it plays really well and looks fantastic.

Rescue 911 is a pinball machine designed by Bill Parker and released by Gottlieb in 1994. The game is based on the TV show of the same name.
The gameplay features some disaster rescue scenarios e.g. saving people from wildfires and flash floods and emergency medical missions such as delivering a parturient mother in a nearby hospital.

The playfield most notable include a magnetic helicopter toy that can lift the ball from the ground. The wizard mode starts a light and sound show including an EKG heartbeat sound similar to the metamorphosis effects on Bride of Pinbot. The game does not have images or the voice of Rescue 911 TV show host William Shatner because Gottlieb did not get the rights from him. A planned reference was cancelled in an advanced state of development; as a result four stand up targets that should spell TREK are left empty.

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