Want to know more about owning a Fruit Machine? Check out these videos…

Some of you will have owned machines for years but others will be new to Fruit Machines. If so, check out some of these (hopefully!) helpful guides to owning a Fruit Machine and don’t forget to give the video a Like!

The basics of setting up and using your new Fruit Machine…https://youtu.be/QBnTEyK0B2s

Getting your money out of a Fruit Machine? Here’s how to Dump the Hopper…https://youtu.be/f9hAA1_W4bA

What is a Fruit Machine Dongle? Matt from Play Leisure explains…https://youtu.be/UQSBPQWJXjQ

This is how to change the volume on your Fruit Machine with Matt from Play Leisure…https://youtu.be/MY7d1OcCcFc

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