Battle Gear 3 £1,495

Battle Gear 3 Arcade Machine
Great machine, fun game
In Good overall condition. Signs of use on the casing. Seats are a little rough but usable and could have covers added.

This machine measures 182cm wide x 158cm long x 70cm high and breaks down into three parts (2 x chairs and main screen unit

Manufacturer’s Description

Battle Gear 3 is the ultimate racing game!

From the fastest to the strongest, with Battle Gear 3 racing games plunged into a new dimension.

The realistic operation unit provides a first hand driving experience, including a reactive steering wheel, an accelerator, a brake pedal, a front-back shifting lever and an emergency brake.

This game has been designed to achieve authenticity and is also equipped with view-changing buttons and a hazard button.

Game features:

  • There are 33 car models from 6 manufacturers offering the widest selection in any Battle Gear game – and Battle Gear 3 has dramatically improved the technique to simulate reactions and sound properties of individual cars, as well as instrument panels and gauges
  • Hot competition in the Time Attack mode now becomes even hotter
  • Totally renewed courses, take your favourite car and race through seasonal landscapes
  • All the courses have been completely upgraded – now there are 14 courses for beginners and professionals!

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