Big Buck Hunter Open Season

Price – £1,495 (£1245.83+ VAT)

A great two player shooter. You don’t have to like hunting to like this game!

Currently set to freeplay but coin mech can be added.

In good overall condition with some signs of wear. Full working order, ready to use.


The Unit measures 192cm High x 80cm Wide x 76cm Deep.

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About The Game

Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season Arcade game, this is a is a Refurbished arcade game that would look great in any game room, rec room or bar. From the developers of the #1 Video Hunting Game of all time, Play Mechanix has launched its latest installment in the Big Buck Hunter Pro series – Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season! Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season will astound players with life-like realism and an unbelievable amount of game play depth. Engaged in head-to-head competition, players can hunt 8 North American Big Game Animals on 24 different hunting treks covering 120 challenging hunting sites. At the end of each trek, players will need to complete one of 24 challenging bonus rounds where players scramble to achieve the maximum amount of points while 36 different critters scatter across each hunting site. Last, but not least, Play Mechanix has added Full Motion to the already sensational Big Buck Girls!
Dual Pump-Action Shotguns
120 challenging hunting sites
24 challenging bonus rounds
Unique 3-D Hunting Scenes
Up to 4 players can now compete Head-to-Head
Hunt in the morning, afternoon and evening
Hunt in changing weather like rain, snow and fog

Want to buy this game? Have some questions? Call us now on 07507 722781 or email

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