Big Buck Hunter

The Buck Hunter series of Arcade Machines is based around the premise of hunting. Now that may not appeal to everybody, but remembering that it’s NOT REAL means you can sit back and enjoy a group of games which offer a really enjoyable ‘shooter’ experience.

Two of our favourite Buck Hunter games are Big Buck Hunter Pro and Big Buck Hunter Safari.

Pro has over 25 photorealistic environments, using enhanced high definition flat screen monitors, eye-twitching animation and ear-pricking sound, players attempt to track and kill herds of wildlife including mountain lions, whitetail deer, moose and elks, raccoons, skunks, foxes and wolves.

Big Buck Hunter Pro features an all-new two-player, head-to-head element, ‘Shootout’, while 15 exciting new bonus rounds include the likes of ‘Pappy’s Moonshine Bonus’ and ‘Boars Gone Wild’.

Big Buck Hunter Safari is an action packed hunting game that brings new and exciting challenges to players! Buck Hunter Safari puts players on a big game hunting safari across the Dark Continent of Africa. Players will experience 15 unique treks stretching from desert dunes through grassy savannas to the lush jungles in search of Big Game. Hunt internationally known antlered species including Gemsbok, Kudu, Sable, Cape Buffalo and Wildebeest. Players will find the same time proven and successful play mechanic found in Big Buck Hunter Pro, with several all new features for increased excitement and fun!

Buck Hunter cabs are a great size and also give you the enjoyment of a one and two player game.

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