Crisis Zone £995

Namco Crisis Zone Arcade Machine
Great machine, fun game
In Good overall condition. Signs of use on the casing, no damage. Guns fine, fully working and in good condition. Includes keys.
This unit measures 205cm High, 85cm Wide and 108cm Deep

Manufacturer’s Description

Crisis Zone takes place over three levels of heart pounding action. Finish the game on 1 credit and have your initial emblazoned with a star to show off your achievement!
Namco’s Crisis Zone Features:– Spin-off of the popular Time Crisis franchise with time-based gameplay
– Single player shooting action with a molded sub-machinegun force feedback controller and foot pedal for cover/reloading
– The incredible physics based 3D graphics are powered by Namco’s Super System 23 hardware
– Three levels to enjoy with  memorable boss battles
– The game saves the top five scores for the leaderboards

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