Darius Burst – £3,495

A Stunning 4 Player Arcade Machine, very fun.

In good overall condition. Signs of use on the casing, artwork etc. Sides are fairly average.

Watch our Youtube video for a condition tour of this machine and to see it in action!

New locks added. Set to freeplay.

In working order, ready to play!


The Unit measures 179cm High x 162cm Wide x 155cm Deep. It will come apart into two sections.

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About The Game

Darius Burst: Another Chronicle is a horizontal scrolling shooter arcade game. It is part of the Darius series set in outer space with aquatic-themed robotic enemies.

The game features a special cabinet with two 32-inch widescreen monitors positioned next to eachother for an extra wide display.

The game makes use of the extra space, with up to 4 players able to play together co-operatively.

The cabinet also features headphone jacks and “body sonic seats”.

Darius Burst: Another Chronicle runs on the Taito Type X2 hardware, and also includes NESYS support where available.


1904 D.C. (Darius Calendar) — When a Belser virus rent the hyperspace network to tatters, every craft in the human space fleet with a network link was stripped of all communications capabilities.

The ensuing chaos saw the entire fleet devastated in the blink of an eye. The Silver Hawk fighters were the only craft from Planet Darius to escape the massacre.

Equipped with Burst technology, these two cutting-edge craft were entrusted to humanoid AI terminal Ti2 and test pilot Riga Pratica. Flying the Silver Hawk Burst fighters alone into enemy territory without network support, the two heroes braved overwhelming odds to secure victory and liberation for Darius.

It is now 1910 D.C., and repairs on the hyperspace network have begun to reconnect the pockets of humanity scattered across the vast reaches of space.

Combat data transmitted from Darius soon sees Burstequipped Silver Hawk fighters constructed in every inhabited galaxy. The stage is set for mankind’s grand counteroffensive. A team of heroes takes wing, flying into battle and the pages of history.


The game will allow from 1 and up to 4 players to play at a time; the largest amount of players possible in any Darius game.

The players may choose between playing Default Entry, with 3 ships per coin, or Infinite Ships Entry, with infinite ships at the cost of additional coins and forfeit of the players’ highscore.

Another Chronicle has two game modes:

Original Mode: Standard gameplay through 3 zones from a selection of 12 (A-L). Here the players chooses one of 3 zones to start on and continues through two more zones in traditional fashion.

Chronicle Mode: Here the players choose individual missions, consisting of rearranged levels and bosses, with various possible set parameters.

Pilots and ships

In Another Chronicle there are 4 ships, of which three are returning from Dariusburst.

Legend (Red)
Next (Blue)
Origin (Orange)
Formula (Green)

Want to buy this game? Have some questions? Call us now on 0333 772 6293, Text/Whatsapp 07507 722781 or email contact@playleisure.co.uk

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