Fatal Judgement Silent Scope 2 £1,195

Fatal Judgement Silent Scope 2 Arcade Machine
Great machine, fun game
In Good overall condition. Signs of use on the casing, see photo which shows some cracking near the gun. Fully working.
Includes keys.
This unit measures 214cm High x 82cm Wide x 165cm Deep. The top box come off to make it shorter

Manufacturer’s Description

Fatal Judgement is the sequel to Silent Scope, where players uses a sniper rifle replica to kill terrorists. The game includes a new thermal vision scope, as well as a Night Vision scope. Fatal Judgement is known as Dark Silhouette in the USA.
In some areas you will need to use the Thermal Vision scope or the X-Ray scope. Thermal Vision allows you to see the enemies in dark, enclosed areas, while X-Ray vision lets you seek out enemies who are trying to hide behind walls and other objects.
Mission scenarios include downtown London, a snowy terrain, ancient castles, a military airport, underwater scenes, a deep forest, and many other locales. The plot centers around a group of terrorists who are planning to use a test unit of the VX gas missile, hidden in an abandoned chemical weapons plant, to terrify the nation. The UK’s anti-terrorist team, Alpha Squad, was sent out to stop them, however, Alpha Squad disappeared without a trace.
The machine has inbuilt KIC function for varied stages and tournament function, and if two Silent Scope machines are linked together, extra modes are available. Operators are also able to buy a twin conversion kit and connect one Silent Scope and one Fatal Judgement machine together. Two Fatal Judgement machines are also able to be linked together.

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