Johnny Nero Action Hero £895

Johnny Nero Action Hero Arcade Machine
Great machine, fun game
In Good overall condition. Signs of use on the casing, no damage. Guns fine, fully working and in good condition. 

Manufacturer’s Description

Johnny Nero Action Hero allows you take on three different missions, and you are able to play all three in what ever order you choose. Each stage has a comic book theme: Space Wars, Curse of the Mummy King, and Ghost Town. The levels all have the same basic gameplay, but in a different setting. The game is able to be played by one or two people. In two player each player uses one gun, but in one player you are able to duel wield the guns in mode called Guns of Fury. The gameplay comprises of the player shooting everything that appears on screen. To keep the player alert there is the occasional ally that can’t be shot. There are also some quick time events scattered through levels and the player will either be punished or rewarded depending on there success with the quicktime event. Each stage has at least one bonus level, and the goal of these levels is to shoot a certain amount of objects under a time limit. To round off each comic stage you will have a boss encounter, and you have to expose a weakness to defeat them.

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