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Lethal Enforcers II Gun Fighter £1,095

Lethal Enforcers II Gunfighters Arcade Machine

Great machine, fun game

In Good overall condition. Light signs of use on the casing, guns in good condition 

Fully working.

Includes keys.

This unit measures 186cm high x 72cm wide x 80cm deep

Manufacturer’s Description

Travel back to the Wild West of 1873 to a larger and more lifelike gunfighting experience in Konami’s Lethal Enforcers II – Gun Fighters.
This time the villains are badder than the baddest and uglier than the ugliest as they try to rob some banks, holdup a stagecoach and rob a train or two. This means that while technically a sequel to Lethal Enforcers, it is a prequel as far as the timeline is concerned. As you fight through the five stages, you must avoid shooting the innocents caught up in the crossfire while keeping your aim straight to achieve the rank of U.S. Marshal. Find new weapons as you progress, which help make the fight a little easier. This game is packed with two player action and addictive game play

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