Midway Cruis’n USA Sit Down – £995

Stunning Cab, great game. In Good overall condition. Signs of use on the casing.
Credit button inside.
Fully working.
This unit measures 171cm high x 77cm wide x 161cm deep (including Seat)

About The Game

Players to choose from four vehicles to race in a variety of courses throughout the USA —based on real locations, their names are: Golden Gate Park, US 101, LA Freeway, Arizona (easy mode); Beverly Hills, Death Valley, Iowa, Indiana, Appalachia (medium difficulty mode); San Francisco, Redwood Forest, Grand Canyon, Chicago, Washington, D.C. (expert mode). Various pre-race options included are the choice of automatic or manual transmission, various controller configurations, as well as background music selection option.
 Players take control of the vehicle from a third-person perspective, and while avoiding various hazards along the way, must beat the clock as well as the CPU-controlled rivals to achieve first place

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