Midway Revolution X – £1,495

Stunning machine, fun game
In Good overall condition for it’s age. Signs of use on the casing, check the photos and video for a good idea of it’s condition. The recoil on one gun is very week, it’s average on the other. Doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of playing.
Set to free play
This machine measures 72cm wide x 94cm deep x 203cm high.

About The Game

Revolution X is the classic two player shooting game by Midway Games released in 1994.

As the story goes, the famous rock band Aerosmith has been kidnapped by the New Order Nation (NON), an organization whose goal is to enslave all of the world’s youth population by suppressing all forms of entertainment. That of course includes music. As one of few remaining free youth, you are equipped with a machine gun and the strongest weapon available: music, to free all of the youth (and Aerosmith, too!) and put an end to the NON menace once and for all.

Revolution X features Aerosmith’s biggest hits up to the time including “Eat the Rich”, “Sweet Emotion”, “Toys in the Attic” and “Walk This Way”. It also includes original speech and digitized original video of the band made exclusively for Revolution X. Battle your way through intense environments filled with astonishing boss monsters, secret weapons, hidden passages and more using 1-3 mounted guns!

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