Namco Pac Man Ticket Mania £1,995

Namco Pac Man Ticket Mania Arcade Machine
Stunning machine, fun game
In good overall condition. Light signs of use on the casing, Can be set to dispense tickets or on freeplay (currently set to freeplay)
Fully working order, ready to play!

The total measurements are 68cm wide x 243cm high x 51cm deep 

This machine in use!

About The Game

Over 30 years later, the PAC is Back and better than ever! This new video redemption piece brings back the classic PAC-MAN game concept but now rewards players with tickets or a gift card. Players acquire points by munching on as many of the familiar Pac-dots and fruits as they can while being chased by the ghosts; Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. If successful in entering the ghost house, players can win the “PAC-POT” and are treated with a mesmerizing PAC-MAN animation. Options for the “PAC-POT” can include tickets or gift cards*. The cabinet is beautifully lit from top to bottom with multicoloured LEDs as well as a spectacular LED marquee that scrolls the classic 8-bit PAC-MAN animation.

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