Namco Super Pac Man – £1,795

Classic machine, fun game

Credit Button and new locks.

In fair overall condition. Signs of use on the casing, No damage. Screen has screen burn but not noticeable when playing. Take a good look at the photos and video for a good overview of this game’s condition.

Fully working order, ready to play!

The total measurements are cm wide x cm high x cm deep.

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About The Game
Super Pac-Man was released by Namco in 1982, and distributed by Bally Midway prior to the legal battle that ensued between the two companies. The lead game designer, Toru Iwatani, started working with Namco in 1977. Super Pac-Man music composer Nobuyuki Ohnogi created the theme music to the game.

Many key elements of Super Pac-Man are similar to Pac-Man, but there are also multiple twists. In Super Pac-Man, players do not encounter dots. Instead, they must seek out keys. These keys open doors that was previously unavailable to Pac-Man. Once opened, players are able to consume various items necessary for completing each stage.

Super Pac-Man can move in all four directions, and in addition, he can increase his speed when the right item is eaten. While certain parts of the maze are blocked to Pac-Man when certain keys remain on the screen, this installment in the series allows players to travel in and out of the ghost box at will.

While collecting keys, Pac-Man also needs to keep tabs on the four ghosts. Coming in red, orange, pink and blue, ghosts chase Pac-Man throughout the maze unless he eats a power pill, in which they retreat. When ghosts are weak, they turn blue and flash white when the effects of the power pill are about to wear off.

Regular power pills give Pac-Man the power to eat ghosts and more quickly complete each maze without interruptions, but super power pills have even more bonuses. Giving Pac-Man the ability to move twice as fast as normal, he also grows two times his normal size. You will need to press down on the action key in order to activate Pac-Man’s super speed.

Want to buy this game? Have some questions? Call us now on 07507 722781 or email

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