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Super Hang On is simply one of the best motorcycle racing arcade games of all time; it’s fast, challenging and above all, fun. Like games such as OutRun, you race against other racers and the clock, whilst managing to control your bike at high speeds and was ported onto the Sega Mega Drive. This game was released back in 1987.

Your chance to own this classic game and piece of history, it’s available HERE –

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Another amazing games room…

This one from the States has a good mix of equipment and games, a fantastic layout. We’d all be happy with one of these tucked away in our homes!

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Midway Cruis’n USA Sit Down now in stock…

Yes this Arcade classic has arrived at Play Leisure and is available to buy –

Players to choose from four vehicles to race in a variety of courses throughout the USA —based on real locations, their names are: Golden Gate Park, US 101, LA Freeway, Arizona (easy mode); Beverly Hills, Death Valley, Iowa, Indiana, Appalachia (medium difficulty mode); San Francisco, Redwood Forest, Grand Canyon, Chicago, Washington, D.C. (expert mode). Various pre-race options included are the choice of automatic or manual transmission, various controller configurations, as well as background music selection option.

Players take control of the vehicle from a third-person perspective, and while avoiding various hazards along the way, must beat the clock as well as the CPU-controlled rivals to achieve first place

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Building a ‘Man Cave’ or ‘Home Bar?

If you have an interest in building a ‘Man Cave’ or ‘Home Bar’ then you need to be a member of this Facebook Page, it’s packed full of people doing the same. Loads of tips, knowledge and help from thousands of people. Get involved!

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Have you visited…

Retrodome in Barnsley? ‘At Retrodome, we just love the classics, not the literary kind but the pixelated ones – video games!We preserve the past for those old enough to remember and give the young a chance to experience an icon of the 80’s – the video arcade.’

It’s a pay to enter venue where you can easily spend hours without noticing. Well worth a special visit –

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Crazy Taxi is a score attack driving game released by SEGA in 1999, where the aim is to pick up passengers and get them to their destination before time runs out.

Gameplay is fast-paced and frantic. You ride in one of four yellow American cabs driven by either Axel, B.D. Joe, Gina or Gus. After stopping to pick up a passenger, you follow an arrow at the top of the screen towards their drop-off zone, building a bigger fare along the way with crazy drifts, stunts and near-misses. The fares when completed are added to the total earned, and you’re awarded a license at the end when time runs out based on how well you did.

Sequels would later include a range of locations inspired by major cities in the USA, but the earthquake-wracked streets of San Francisco provide the perfect inspiration for the original game’s roller-coaster excitement, as you fly at high-speed towards the bottom of near-vertical gradients. Featuring iconic tracks from The Offspring and Bad Religion, the West Coast, pop-punk soundtrack has the nitro energy to match the speed of the drive, and the bands’ sounds of relentless youth and sunshine freedom set the tone as you hurtle towards your next fare.

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This guy has the ultimate games room…

Jeremy Wagner’s growing collection of video games led him to turn his basement into a vintage arcade where all are welcome – no quarters needed! Filled with classic games from Donkey Kong to Q*Bert, this space is where Jeremy comes to relax and unwind. This is the third episode of Sanctuary, a new Zillow series profiling individuals who took their passions to new levels by building out their space to do what they love most.

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New in stock…

Silver Strike Bowling is an interactive bowling game that brings the excitement of ten-pin bowling to video game format. Using a trackball controller, players must aim for strikes and spares and win against others in the tournament. This retro game has stood the test of time, and bowling remains an arcade favourite thanks to consoles like the Wii.

Players of all abilities will love Silver Strike Bowling. Its straightforward controls and customisable difficulty level makes it easy to get stuck in. The rules are exactly as you’d expect, and the realistic graphics recreate the unique atmosphere of a bowling alley to a tee. This arcade cabinet has true classic arcade looks; it features a built in old-school CRT monitor with VGA graphics, and a chunky cabinet design with the recognisable yellow and blue branding on the top and sides.

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Have you visited…

Tilt in Birmingham?

 is slightly hidden in City Arcade, Union Street, but is just steps away from WH Smiths and busy Corporation Street. Outside a billboard encourages people to try out their craft beers and loose tea.

Pinball machines greet you at the front door with a row of sparkling, well-oiled examples glimmering with flashing lights. There’s pinball themes for Game Of Thrones, Ghostbusters and the Addams Family to name a few.

There’s a welcoming laidback atmosphere to Tilt and over at the bar, the barman helpfully gives an overview of the many craft beers on offer as well as the vast range of loose teas and artisan coffees. When I’m there, choices include raspberry and blueberry beers – Rose Are Brett raspberry saison and Violets Are a Blue blueberry saison from toolbeer in Copenhagen.

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“MOON PATROL” is a side-scrolling action-shooting game released by IREM in 1982. Control a lunar rover as you jump to avoid obstacles, and move forward while defeating enemies that shoot missiles from above or rockets towards you. The goal is to make it through the Beginner Course and Champion Course.

The “Arcade Archives” series has faithfully reproduced many classic Arcade masterpieces.

Players can change various game settings such as game difficulty, and also reproduce the atmosphere of arcade display settings at that time. Players can also compete against each other from all over the world with their high score

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Here is a Lethal Enforcers Arcade game for sale. This was the first 2 player gun game where you can pick up the guns and shoot. This is the game that started the trend in the arcades for all the other 2 player gun games. The in game graphics consist entirely of digitized photographs. This caused controversy as it allowed players to shoot photorealistic representations of enemies

Check out more details –

Have you visited….

Arcade Club Leeds
Arcade Club Leeds? It’s a stunning venue packed full of hundreds of retro arcade machines. If you love arcade games and haven’t visited you are missing out! Find out more at
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