Operation Wolf 3 – £1,495

Stunning looking Cab, fantastic game. Cab has lightsigns of wear but is in overall good condition.
Set to freeplay, can add credit button.
Fully working.
This unit measures 195cm high x 72cm wide x 88cm deep

About The Game

Operation Wolf 3 is a light-gun controlled shoot-em-up in which a terrorist organization known as ‘SKULL’ has taken over an island and are armed with nuclear missiles. Two agents, codenamed ‘Hornet’ and ‘Queen Bee’ (players one and two respectively) are dispatched by the United Nations taskforce, ‘Federation for Freedom’, and must take down the SKULL organisation and disarm the nuclear missiles.

Unlike the limited ammo found in the first game in the series, players now have unlimited ammo. As long as the trigger is squeezed, weapons will fire on full automatic. Once the ammo meter is depleted, the rate of fire decreases sharply. When the trigger is released, the meter instantly refills. Players can also carry a limited supply of grenades, although only three bombs can be carried at any one time, as opposed to the nine of the first game. As players progress through the stages, various power-ups can be found, such as stronger weapons and extra grenades.

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