Pac Man – £2,395

Fantastic Cab and really fun game. In good condition with some signs of use on the artwork.
Completely original inside and out.
Set to Free Play 
Fully working.
This unit measures 175cm high x 63cm wide x 64cm deep

About The Game

Pac-Man is a true classic of the 1980s arcade boom, and a game which millions have played. The simple yet addictive gameplay has kept players coming back to beat their high scores since 1980, and still sees regular competitions to set the world’s highest score.
The aim of the game is simply to avoid the ghosts and collect all the pellets. Collecting a power pellet allows Pac-Man to eat the pursuing ghosts for extra points, and once all pellets are collected, the player moves on to the next level. The beautiful simplicity of Pac-Man means that anyone can play with no need to worry about complex instructions, a factor which has contributed to its lasting appeal for more than 35 years.

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