Primeval Hunt – £1,795

Fantastic game, so much fun. Shooting Dinosaurs is fun! This two player game is well worth it.

In good overall condition. Signs of use on the casing, artwork etc.

Watch our Youtube video for a condition tour of this machine and to see it in action!

New locks added. Set to Freeplay.

In working order, ready to play!


The Unit measures 2234cm High with top header and 185cm high without it x 152cm Wide x 180cm Deep. It breaks down into two sections for transportation. One measuring H234cm W152cm x D70cm and the other measuring W70cm and D118cm.

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About The Game

Primeval Hunt features 12 levels set on an island filled with Aztec-like ruins, inhabited by several genus of dinosaur from various geological periods (so that dinosaurs that were not alive at the same time in reality interact, similar to Jurassic Park).

Though the game uses two light guns styled after pump-action shotguns, the player may choose from three weapons in-game: a Bow, Shotgun or Rifle (However, each player is also given a Rocket Launcher with one rocket in it for every level that is capable of killing any one Dinosaur with a single shot). Up to two people can play simultaneously with the points for shooting the Dinosaurs awarded to the player responsible for the fatal shot.
In each level, players are required to hunt a set number of dinosaurs with limited ammunition within a particular time frame. All dinosaurs have two weak points which allow one-hit kills, their head and heart areas, otherwise a number of shots will be required to bring down each creature. Points are awarded for each dinosaur successfully killed, however failure to reach the kill quota within the allotted time or running out of ammunition will cause the player to lose a credit.

As well as each of the target dinosaurs, each level also contains other genus, many of which will attack the player if disturbed (for example, arrows are silent while bullets or shotgun shells are quite loud). These dinosaurs act as obstacles, requiring players to ‘waste’ ammunition on them. Also, these additional genus, usually predators, will often try to attack the player and if the player is successfully attacked the player will lose a life, represented by a number of hunter caps on the top of the screen. If all caps are depleted, then the player loses a credit. Bonus points are awarded for every one of these Dinosaurs killed.
Points are tallied up at the end of each level, successful completion of which will unlock additional levels. Levels are rated in difficulty using a star system; one star levels are relatively easy, while five star levels are the most difficult.

Want to buy this game? Have some questions? Call us now on 0333 772 6293, text/Whatsapp 07507 722781 or email

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