Razing Storm – £2,495

Stunning Cab, great game. In Very Good overall condition. Light signs of use on the casing
Fully working.
This unit measures cm high x cm wide x cm deep

About The GameRazing Storm DX Arcade Machine is a deluxe edition, futuristic, 2 player shooting game in which players must take out terrorists.

It is the year 2030 and players are part of a Special Forces unit known as SCAR, based in South America. Their job is eliminate terrorists threats.

The cabinet features a massive 60″ DLP widescreen HD monitor and 5.1 DTS Digital sound speakers, and the game runs on the Playstation 3 based System 357 arcade hardware.

Razing Storm has a machine gun controller that shakes and generates sound through a speaker in the gun, for a more realistic experience. The machine also features an action pedal which allows you to take cover and avoid gunfire in the game.

Like the famous Time Crisis game, Razing Storm’s game play revolves around the use of the action pedal (makes sense as it was the TC team that help create Razing Storm). Players step on the pedal to attack, and then release it to hide and reload. Linked play even allows players to team up against hundreds of enemy soldiers and demolish the fully interactive environment.

Buildings, furniture, windows, appliances, everything can be destroyed – plus other firearms such as the Cluster Shot Gun and Rocket Launcher come into play in other levels of the game! And finally, the advanced enemy Artificial Intelligence (AI) reacts to the style of each player so that everyone has a unique custom experience!

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