Revolution X – £1,995

It’s the awesome Revolution X from Midway featuring Aerosmith. This game is so much fun, unlike any other shooter.

In good overall condition. Signs of use on the casing, artwork etc.

Check out the Youtube video to get more details on this game and a good overall idea of it’s condition

New locks added. Currently set freeplay.

In working order, ready to play!

The Unit measures 204cm High (or 183cm with the topper removed) x 72cm Wide x 97cm Deep.

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About The Game

Revolution X is an arcade rail shooter game developed and published by Midway in 1994, featuring the rock band Aerosmith. It features gameplay similar to Midway’s earlier Terminator 2: Judgment Day. In the game, players battle the oppressive New Order Nation regime and their leader Helga, who have abducted Aerosmith. Players use a mounted gun to control onscreen crosshairs and shoot enemies using compact discs. The members of Aerosmith are hidden throughout the game’s international locales and must be found in order to receive the game’s true ending.

In a dystopian version of 1996, an alliance of corrupt government and corporate military forces have taken control of the world in the guise of the “New Order Nation” (NON). The NON, with their vampish commander Head Mistress Helga (portrayed by Kerri Hoskins), have declared war on youth culture (anyone aged from 13 to 30) and have banned all forms of music, television, magazines, and video games. The player travels to “Club X” in Los Angeles to see Aerosmith perform live, but the band is captured by NON troops and hustled off the stage in the middle of their show. After escaping from the club, the player steals a helicopter and flies across the city to find the band’s car. From here, the player must destroy three NON installations in the Middle East, Amazon Jungle, and Pacific Rim(in whatever order they choose), then travel to London to defeat Helga and her remaining forces at Wembley Stadium

Want to buy this game? Have some questions? Call us now on 07507 722781 or email

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