Sega Jambo Safari 4 – £1,295

Stunning Naomi Cab, great game. In Good overall condition. Signs of use on the casing
Fully working.
This unit measures 203cm high (or 178cm high without top box) x 77cm wide x 114cm deep (including pedals)

About The Game

Jambo! Safari is a safari themed driving game where players use a jeep to help catch rare and endangered animals across the plains of Africa.

There are 6 levels to play through, and there are unlimited buy-ins for the player.

Players take on the role of Park Ranger as they travel over the vast African plains in search of rare and endangered animals.

After finding an animal, you must carefully drive your jeep close enough to use ropes and a net to capture the animal. You then take the animal to your base camp for examination and tagging.

Jambo! Safari features non-violent catch and release gameplay and is suitable for all ages.

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