Sega Virtua Striker 3 – £1,295

Stunning Cab, great game. In Good overall condition with signs of use on the casing
Fully working.

Fully working.
This unit measures cm high x cm wide x cm deep

About The Game

The Virtua Striker soccer series returns for a 3rd instalment and is now powered by the Naomi 2 GD ROM hardware. This instalment provides even more realism than ever, thanks to a graphics upgrade and improvements in players’ controls.
Virtua Striker 3 is based on the 2002 World Cup. The same 32 countries making up the field for WC02 are in the game, including the 1998 champion France and the team that will host the WC02 Japan and Korea. Players now have improved ball manoeuvrability increasing character movements an astonishing 10 times, allowing them to side step, back flip and step over the ball, as well as perform sharper turns and tackle more accurately. VS3 sees introduction of official World Cup rules including Yellow Cards, Red Cards, and off-sides. So violent tackles are met with either a yellow or red card, which can lead to a player being sent off.
Team tactics and strategy get a reworks as well with one-on-one, team interaction, and player positioning being the major improvements resulting in action that almost looks real. The speed of the game has also been increased to allow faster game play with less stoppage to improve the flow of the game.
Razing Storm has a machine gun controller that shakes and generates sound through a speaker in the gun, for a more realistic experience. The machine also features an action pedal which allows you to take cover and avoid gunfire in the game.

Like the famous Time Crisis game, Razing Storm’s game play revolves around the use of the action pedal (makes sense as it was the TC team that help create Razing Storm). Players step on the pedal to attack, and then release it to hide and reload. Linked play even allows players to team up against hundreds of enemy soldiers and demolish the fully interactive environment.

Buildings, furniture, windows, appliances, everything can be destroyed – plus other firearms such as the Cluster Shot Gun and Rocket Launcher come into play in other levels of the game! And finally, the advanced enemy Artificial Intelligence (AI) reacts to the style of each player so that everyone has a unique custom experience!

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