Silver Strike Bowling Supreme – £895

Silver Strike Bowling Supreme Arcade Machine
Great machine, fun game
In Good overall condition. Light signs of use on the casing
Fully working.

Set to Freeplay

This unit measures 167cm high x 64cm wide x 89cm deep

Check out the game in use!

About The Game
Silver Strike Bowling is an interactive bowling game that brings the excitement of ten-pin bowling to video game format. Using a trackball controller, players must aim for strikes and spares and win against others in the tournament. This retro game has stood the test of time, and bowling remains an arcade favourite thanks to consoles like the Wii.
Players of all abilities will love Silver Strike Bowling. Its straightforward controls and customisable difficulty level makes it easy to get stuck in. The rules are exactly as you’d expect, and the realistic graphics recreate the unique atmosphere of a bowling alley to a tee. This arcade cabinet has true classic arcade looks; it features a built in old-school CRT monitor with VGA graphics, and a chunky cabinet design with the recognisable yellow and blue branding on the top and sides.

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