Skylanders Cloud Patrol £1,395

Skylanders Cloud Patrol Arcade Machine

Great machine, fun game
In Good overall condition. Light signs of use on the casing
Fully working.
Includes keys.

This unit measures 269cm high x 121cm wide x 61cm deep

The Game in action!

Manufacturer’s Description

The popular Skylanders have finally landed in the arcade thanks to this new mobile-to-arcade port by Adrenaline Amusements.

In Skylanders Cloud Patrol, players join the “Skylanders” as they patrol the Skylands for escaped trolls. Players start by choosing their favorite Skylander then they take to the skies in a flying gunship to help put those troublesome trolls in their place. Tap to shoot or slide your fingers across targets creating amazing knock out combos! Score the highest combo area to win more tickets or points, and show friends who rules the skies.

What Makes Skylanders Cloud Patrol Special?

– Skylanders were the #1 best-selling kids franchise in 2013

– Based upon the iOS mobile app of the same name

– Choose from 60 different Skylanders characters

– Designed for the TouchFX platform (available as a kit upgrade for Fruit Ninja FX, Infinity Blade FX, etc)

– Durable 46″ HD multi-touch screen

– Tap or swipe across the screen to make combos; big combos means big points!

– Cute graphics and easy gameplay makes it easy to approach for people of all ages

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