The X-Files £2,495

Stunning X-Files Pinball Machine
1997, made by Sega
In really good overall condition with light signs of use on the casing. Play field looks great with only light signs of wear. No signs of damage. Lights all work as they should etc. Only slight issue is one of the rubbers around the flipper is a bit worn. Works 100% fine.
Includes Balls, Manual, Legs, Keys

Manufacturer’s Description

The X-Files is a stunning game from the designers at Sega, based around the cult 90’s television series that centred around the supernatural, extraterrestrial and just plain strange!

As well as giving you the opportunity to join Mulder and Scully in this roller coaster ride the X-Files pinball set an industry standard with the first premium full 4 colour art package making this a seriously good looking cabinet.

There are also plenty of incredible features, gameplay and well realised models including an Alien Baby in an Erlenmeyer Flask, the Flukeman from The Host, trapdoors and a descending X-Files cabinet just like the one in Mulder’s office with a Ball Deflector!

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