Time Crisis 4

Time Crisis 4 is an arcade shooting game with a unique foot pedal to take cover from enemy fire. Cinematic quality graphics bring the game to life. New to the fourth installment in the Time Crisis series are multi-screen battles and helicopter missions.

Time Crisis 4 Twin Arcade Shooting Game Features:
*Voice navigation
*Four weapons
*2-player cooperative play or dual single play
*Large, more intense levels of game play

Players are now guided through the three stages with the support of voice navigation. New voice navigation provides players with instructions on selecting the appropriate weapons and timing their next move. Each stage consists of a prologue and three areas. The total game play is also longer than it’s predecessor. New special weapons have been developed for the standard handgun, machine gun, shot gun & grenade. Players change weapons by pulling the trigger while they hide (pedal off).


The game opens in California, where intelligence officials from both the United States Armed Forces and the paramilitary V.S.S.E. organization learn about a top secret weapon targeted for terrorists’ smuggling and their plot. William Rush infiltrates a pier to gather information, and finds that the enemy has already acquired the insect-like weapons (codenamed “Terror Bite”). After being told by Elizabeth Conway about an information leak incident at the airport, Rush goes to the airport to help VSSE agents Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard, who had been sent to stop the weapons trade. After leaving the airport, they head to the city, where they defeat Marcus Black. They discover U.S. Army dog tags on each enemy, meaning they are not just terrorists, but rogue American soldiers. The terrorist faction is then revealed to be the Biological Weapons Special Operations Unit (AKA the Hamlin Battalion).

Rush, Giorgio and Evan fly to Wyoming’s secluded bio-weapons research facility, but are too late to stop the supply of Terror Bites from being stolen. After defeating Jack Mathers, they soon learn that the Hamlin Battalion is attacking Buckley Air Force Base near Aurora, Colorado, prompting the men to rush to the base. As Rush, Giorgio, and Evan arrive, a number of unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) depart the base without warning. Rush leads the Colorado National Guard toward an entrance, while Giorgio and Evan try to take care of the UCAVs. They also encounter V.S.S.E.’s old enemy Wild Dog in the base who, in addition to his standard hand gun, gatling gun and RPG, is now armed with a grappling hook and tractor beam device. After a long battle, Giorgio and Evan defeat him, ending with Wild Dog detonating himself once again. Meanwhile, Rush defeats Wild Fang (Wild Dog’s younger partner from the previous game), sending him into the path of a UCAV as it lifts off.

It is revealed that the Terror Bites’ creator, Colonel Gregory Barrows hijacked the nuclear-armed UCAVs to destroy the United States in retaliation for the poor treatment he received from the military. After Giorgio and Evan defeat Barrows near the control center, Rush and his unit form a human pyramid to lift Giorgio and Evan into it to stop the missiles, where the agents press a big red button on the control computers to self-destruct all nuclear missiles that the UCAVs have already launched.

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