Time Crisis II

What more can be said about the Time Crisis Arcade Franchise?! If you’ve walked into an Arcade in the last thirty years chances are you would have at least seen (and hopefully played!) a Time Crisis arcade game. They are all fantastic but our favourite here is Time Crisis 2. Why, the game is fantastic, really a lot of fun and the cab itself looks amazing. Pretty sure the guy below is a fan!

Namco’s classic arcade game Time Crisis II was the staple twin shooter arcade machine in amusement arcades and bowling alleys across the globe during the late 90’s and early 2000’s with the use of light guns and foot pedal controls creating an exhilarating, action-packed gaming experience for casual and hardcore gaming enthusiasts everywhere.
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Providing hours of entertainment, Time Crisis 2 puts you in the shoes of either Keith Martin (red character) or Robert Baxter (blue character), elite special agents who’ve been tasked to take down villain Diaz of Neodyne Industries who’s planning to launch a nuclear satellite into space. As your chosen agent and armed with a gun, you must shoot and defeat an onslaught of armed henchmen working for Neodyne, who are more than keen to stop you in your tracks, in a bid to track down Diaz and bring to a halt his evil plans. From standard enemies to more advanced foes armed with machine guns, your task is to defeat the enemies and progress through the storyline to the rewarding finale.

An on-rails, linear shooter, Time Crisis 2 is an engaging, addictive video game arcade machine which benefits from its use of light guns to really get the adrenaline pumping, The addition of the pedal, one for each player, allows your chosen character to hide behind furniture and cover in game as well as providing the function to reload your weapon. With a limited number of lives per credit, mastering the timing and use of the pedal to avoid being hit is almost as important as improving your shooting accuracy. As with any game, the more you play, the better you’ll get and after completing each Act and Stage, you’ll receive updates as to your hit rate and accuracy, providing a score that may see you ranked on the leaderboard… if you’re good enough.

Cutscenes throughout the game progress the story along wonderfully with a variety of locations, set pieces and stage bosses adding extra visual flair and gaming challenges for the player to get involved with. It’s not always about shooting enemies. Sometimes you may have to shoot or avoid  barrels being thrown down a hill in your direction or you could opt to explode the tanker behind your opponents to blow your enemies up all at once rather than kill them all individually. With locations ranging from a town plaza to a speed boat, forest to a train, the Time Crisis II journey is nothing but a thrilling one.
It’s not surprising Time Crisis 2 is one of the all-time arcade favourites. 

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