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Using a Fruit Machine

Got a new Fruit Machine?

Learn the basics below…

Buying a Fruit Machine

Thinking of buying a Fruit Machine but not sure where to start? No problem, check out our video below…

Basic Guide to using your new Fruit Machine

Congratulations on your Fruit Machine purchase, we hope you really enjoy your new kit! If you have not owned one before then below are some useful tips to help you get the most out of your Fruit Machine.

Setting the Fruit Machine Up

First off, you need to power the Fruit Machine up. Simply plug it in to a normal mains socket using the cable provided. Simple! It will then go through the initialization routine which usually takes 30 seconds to a minute.

Before you start to use your fruit machine for the first time you need to fill it with coins. To do this insert your Refill Key into the lock towards the bottom of the machine. Turn it and the refill menu will appear on the screen telling you how many £1 coins you need to put in to get the Fruit Machine ready to go. Then simply keep feeding the coins in through the top coin mechanism (same place you enter coins to play the fruit machine) until it says zero coins needed.

The Hopper

The Hopper is the part of the machine where the coins go. Usually there is one hopper which contains the £1 coins located in the upper half of the Fruit Machine. The hopper needs to be full otherwise if you win a jackpot there will be no coins to pay this out and the machine will error. For a £5 Jackpot Machine we recommend £80 of £1 coins and for a £75 or £100 Jackpot Machine we recommend £200 of £1 Coins.

The Hopper when open

In the base of most fruit machines is the Cash Box or Overflow Box. This is usually where all non £1 coins will go, along with £1 coins when the top hopper is full.

You are now ready to play, have fun!

Opening your Fruit Machine Up

To get into the fruit machine you need to open the top door. This can be a pain, especially if you are not used to doing it. Use the key to unlock the door just under the arm rest and then slide the toggle across. This then allows the door to come up. To close the door just do the same but in reverse, closing the door, sliding the toggle and then locking. It’s usual to need to put some pressure on the arm bar to really push the door down before the toggle will slide across. Make sure it slides all the way otherwise the lock will not fully lock. It’s important not to slam the door down, this will damage the lock and then you won’t be able to properly close it.

Fruit Machine Locks

Changing Bulbs

Bulbs will blow from time to time and if you want to keep your playfield nice and bright, you’ll need to change them. They are cheap to buy (contact us or find them on eBay). To replace a blown bulb, simply open the Fruit Machine top door, pull the bulb holder out from the plastic forming and replace the bulb. Be careful not to pull any wires out when doing this.

Sticky Buttons

Buttons can become sticky after a while. This usually occurs when dirt gets lodged inside, or drinks get spilled etc. A simple clean will solve this, open the top door, remove the switch from the back of the button, remove the button and clean with a lightly damp cloth. Dry the area and then put back together.

Coin Jams

From time-to-time coins will get stuck in the machine, usually in the entry coin mechanism. The Fruit Machine will tell you this by displaying an error message or alarming. To release the coins simply open the top door, look at the Coin Mechanism Gate in the top right-hand corner and press the reject arm button a few times. This will release any jammed coins down into the pay out tray.

Coin Reject Arm

Error Codes

Sometimes your Fruit Machine will stop working and display an error code. Don’t worry, this is usual. Normally it will be something simple like a stuck coin or an empty hopper. First thing to do is simply turn it off, leave it for thirty seconds and then power on again. If this doesn’t clear the error make a note of the error code and google it along with the name of the Fruit Machine. Check the first couple of results and you should find the answer to removing the error. If this fails, then get in contact with us.

Alarm 48 – This error appears when you have turned the machine on and off on a number of occasions in a short space of time. The machine thinks somebody is tampering with it and is calling for help. Unfortunately the only way to clear this error is to allow it to ‘alarm out’, so let it keep alarming for a good 10 minutes and it will clear. You can disconnect the speaker easily if the noise is unbearable!

Pay Unit Error 17 – This error relates to the top hopper in the machine. It’s likely the cable has come loose, so slide the hopper out and check the connection is fully inserted. You may have to press each individual cable into the plug also. If this does not resolve the issue the hopper itself could be faulty. You will still be able to play the machine in demo mode.

Dumping the Hopper

So you want to get your money out of your Fruit Machine? It’s called Dumping the Hopper and here’s how you do it.

What is a Dongle?

Not sure what a Fruit Machine Dongle is? Check out the video below…

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