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So you’ve bought a Fruit Machine? Congratulations!

So you’ve bought a Fruit Machine from us? Thanks! We hope you enjoy your purchase.

As we are regulated by the Gambling Commission (all Fruit Machine sellers have to be by law), you need to complete the waiver below before we can deliver your machine. Please read the text below and then complete the form.

I agree that Play Leisure Ltd have explained to me in detail the relevant laws & regulations regarding the sale and ownership of gaming machines and I have agreed to uphold these laws.

I declare that the gaming machine I have purchased is solely for my own personal use and shall not be hired out, sold or situated in any commercial premises without first obtaining the relevant licences from the Gambling Commission and Local Licensing Authorities.

I agree not to pass this machine on to any person or company who do not hold the relevant licences.

I agree that Play Leisure Ltd will share my details with the Gambling Commission for reporting reasons.

And finally I declare that I am over 18 years old and fully accept the conditions of this sale including the laws and regulations of the Gambling Commission.

If you’ve never owned a Fruit Machine before check out our helpful guide which includes videos and tips for using your machine. Click HERE, you’ll find it useful!

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